Digital Marketing Strategy Important to Any Business

Jan 03

In this day and age, digital marketing should be a key part of any business, especially if you are looking to move your business forward and turn potential clients into buyers. However it isn’t just a case of assembling a few strategies together and see what works. Instead the best digital marketing strategy is one which encompasses the whole spectrum of available ideas.

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Internet Project Management, key to successful implementation

Nov 17

Internet project management is undoubtedly key for any companies taking on online solution projects for businesses. The reason for this is that many of the tasks can be quite complex in nature and whether it be web development, SEO marketing or online reputation management, it’s often all too easy to get caught up in the nuts and bolts of the tasks themselves, rather than looking at the bigger picture. Failing to plan such a project can often lead to significant long term problems. These issues can prove costly.

So with this in mind, what makes up a well managed and planned project? Let’s take a look…

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Online Reputation Management – What’s the Internet Saying About You?

Aug 07

As I launch my “John Brennan Digital Business Card“, I thought I would write a quick note on Online Reputation Management and its growing importance.

As most people realise when a new prospect or contact is introduced to you, your company or one of your employees, one of the first things that they are likely to do is to go to Google to find out a bit more about you. We all do it – it’s quick, easy and if nothing else – it feeds our natural curiosity.

The big question is – do you know what the Internet is going to say about you, your company and your senior people? If the wrong message is presented your may never again hear from that prospect and you will never know why.

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